What do you see? How do you feel?

I've taken photographs of people, places, and things since I was a little kid. They never quite satisfied me; they just weren't that interesting.

Then came the digital age, and I took many more pictures. I learned the techniques of photo-realistic digital image manipulation, but the results still weren't all that interesting.

These are the Real pictures.

In 2015, one of California’s wildfires torched my home. The empty, blank walls of my new house enticed me to re-invent my approach to art. I switched my focus to abstract, non-representational images, using more extreme digital manipulation, and more focus on the feelings that art invokes.

I turn visions of ordinary things into extra-ordinary images. Forms crafted by light and shadow inspire my imagination. I digitally bend, recolor, warp, and twist those forms into images I like. The results aren't really paintings, nor quite photographs.

These are the Unreal pictures.

Part of the artmaking process that intrigues me is how viewers perceive art.
What do you see? How do you feel?

 Dave Bristor • Murphys, CA
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